“Her Time has Come: Mary Magdalene in the 21st Century” is an audio CD that explores both scholarly and mystical views of Mary Magdalene and is the distillation of many years of reflection and research about the remarkable woman whose true legacy is just beginning to be known.

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Friday March 25, 2005
The Women's Well
Concord, Massachusetts

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The quest for the Divine Feminine -- the female face of God. "Her Time Has Come" examines why many people claim that Mary Magdalene was the bride of Jesus … and the Goddess incarnate within the Christian tradition.


*Recorded and produced by Robert Smyth











Deborah Rose “met” the Magdalene on a tour of France in 1993. Upon her return she co-created a theatre piece called The Three Marys Speak and wrote numerous articles that were published in the alternative press. She traveled many more times to France, twice leading tours to the holy sites of Mary Magdalene. Deborah lived in Somerville, MA, earned her living as an acupuncturist, and died of aggressive breast cancer September 4, 2006.