My primary approach to the world is that of a healer and whether one resonates with the historic or mythical perspectives about Mary Magdalene, there is enormous healing available for women and men through the rediscovery of Mary Magdalene. To facilitate that healing, I developed an experiential workshop called Her Mystical Body: Exploring the Archetypes of the Magdalene for Healing and Transformation. In a playful, safe environment participants examine themselves in relation to the roles the Magdalene has played out for humanity. Through theatre exercises, writing and drawing we liberate the energy of shame, repression and judgment. The Sinner becomes the Knower, the Prostitute becomes the Bride, the Penitent becomes the Lover, and the Hermit returns as Teacher-in Community.

I also offer a slideshow lecture “Her Time Has Come: Mary Magdalene in the 21st Century” that explores both scholarly and mystical views of Mary Magdalene and is the distillation of many years of research and reflection about the remarkable woman whose true legacy is just beginning to be known. The presentation includes beautiful and unusual images from the South of France and is best given in an evening format.

The workshop and slideshow lecture work very well together.

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